Lori Godsey - Henry Blosser House

Photo by Aaron Leimkuehler Copyright 2018

The recipe for Lori Godsey’s success in the kitchen is no recipe at all. The talented woman behind the delicious dishes coming out of the Henry Blosser House kitchen was inspired at an early age by her grandmother’s improvisational cooking style.

“I remember spending many, many days over at her house,” Lori says. “I would say, ‘Can you give me the recipe?’ And she’d pull me in by her side and I’d stand right there and just watch her cook. A pinch of this, a dump of that, a dollop … that’s the way she made food, and that’s the way I make food.”

Those days in Granny’s kitchen were the beginning of a hands-on culinary education for Godsey that took her from a high school job in a pizza place, to ownership of a local grill, to her own catering business. Through it all, she has honed her craft and built a reputation as a true artist of the comfort food menu.

As the managing partner for the Henry Blosser House Country Inn, she works with clients to customize the just-right menu for their events, whether that’s an elegant on-site wedding, or a casual off-site catered party.

Guests who are fortunate enough to indulge in an overnight stay in one of the elegantly appointed rooms at the Blosser House will be wowed by Lori’s breakfasts.

“One of my favorites is scrambled eggs with cream cheese and chives,” Lori says.  “I could eat a whole bowl full of them. The other thing that I do is a French baked toast and it is wonderful, to die for, with hot maple syrup over it. How about candied bacon? I know those all sound sweet, but we can also do just the basic ⸺ scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, some sausage. But if you’re adventurous, I can be adventurous with you.”

Special dietary needs? They’re no problem for Lori. It’s all part of the personalized, customized service and keen attention to detail that makes her the region’s go-to caterer and event coordinator.

There’s nothing this adventurous cook won’t try, but she’s known for her delicious comfort-food creations. “Home cooking is what I know!” she says. “Most of my catering is just what grandma would fix for a Sunday meal. I am not real fancy, although I am not afraid to step out of my comfort zone. I have been told I make a mean jambalaya. I really try to make what the customer wants and what tastes good to them.”

Lori wears her chef’s hat well, but that’s just the beginning of her talents. She is a knowledgeable event planner with a Rolodex full of contacts that will make a wedding, anniversary party, family reunion or business event extra special. She can coordinate all the vendors to create a seamless event experience, or work with your event planner to fill in the gaps.

And there’s one more talent you might discover if you visit Lori while she’s working in her Blosser House kitchen: she has a marvelous singing voice! On this day, she is preparing her popular chicken salad and adding a soulful gospel tune to the mix.

Lori’s engaging personality and undeniable talent have found a worthy home in the beautiful surroundings of the Henry Blosser House, a venue she is anxious to share. “I just want this house to be your house,” she says. “Come stay with us. Enjoy. Relax. Have good food with good company. I can hear this house filled with laughter and see the grounds filled with people for weddings, anniversaries, conferences. Being able to learn the history of this place and visit all the rooms and see how beautifully they’ve been decorated and how much time and energy has gone into this place … it’s something worthwhile to come and see.”