About the House

The Blosser – Elman Museum unfolds as an historic narrative — room by room — a story told through the decorative arts of wallpaper, fabrics, fixtures and furnishings. The early artisan crafts of clockmaking, silversmith, porcelain and woodcraft reside with couture window and bed fittings and other elements that bridge to the fine art collection. Curated with a modern sensibility, anyone can find some aspect of history to love.
About the Collection

Thomas Hart Benton Lithographs: The Elman Collection of Thomas Hart Benton early 20th Century regionalist images is one of the largest in America.

Featuring Missouri rural life it is notable for its inclusive depiction of African American settlers post civil war. The integrated mix of people in quotidian scenes shows the daily work required of each individual in the making of one’s American dream.
The collection of more than 60 images is featured in the third floor ballroom.


As life-long collectors of decorative arts and antiquities the late Dr. Arthur Elman and his wife Carolyn Elman, restored and renovated The Henry Blosser House.

It is a legacy project for Missouri and the surrounding region. The house now showcases the Elman Collection. It was Dr. Elman’s hope that the property would inspire coming generations to appreciate and study history, and the human capacity to dream and create.