Summer will always be a popular season for weddings, but more couples are opting for winter weddings these days, and with this trend comes fun, fabulous new accessories for the bride.

Long capes offer fairy-tale romanticism and practical warmth. Designer runways have featured a dazzling array of options, from floaty, diaphanous wraps that provide just a hint of coverage to fur-trimmed hooded cloaks that evoke sleigh rides through a snowy forest.

Solange Knowles is the likely muse for the designers who have embraced this trend. She arrived for her 2014 nuptials riding a bicycle and wearing a jumpsuit topped with a capelet. She later donned a regal white column dress framed by a long cape for the ceremony. The look took the fashion world (and Pinterest) by storm, and brides everywhere rejoiced that they could wear the sleeveless dress they loved and still stay warm, even when the weather was cool.

Brides looking to make an edgier statement have embraced the wedding day moto jacket. Yes, the jacket that was once the sole domain of motorcycle mamas entered the mainstream a few years ago, and now it’s making itself a welcome presence at weddings. It’s not unheard of for an on-trend bride to top her delicate white gown with a fierce, black leather moto jacket, but there are white leather (and vegan leather) available for the daring fashionista who still embraces the all-white tradition for the bride.

Two other pop icons get the credit for this trend. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West donned matching black leather jackets decorated with a “Just Married” message following their much-publicized wedding. Although they didn’t wear the jackets for their actual ceremony, inspired brides brought the idea from the after-party into the ceremony.

Today’s brides aren’t confined by tradition; they’re expressing their personalities in their wedding attire, and that includes the accessories that keep them comfy and cozy during their beautiful wintertime weddings.