Henry Blosser House - The Naked Truth: Less Is More For This Wedding Cake TrendThe bride, the groom, the attendants, even the guests are all dressed to impress at a wedding. But one of the hottest trends in wedding cakes these days is decidedly “undressed.” Couples are straying from the heavily decorated, architecturally complex, fondant-laden confections that have been the standard for wedding cakes for generations, and embracing a simpler but no less visually striking option.

The naked cake features unfrosted layers of cake, divided by frosting, cream or fruit fillings. The look is particularly suited for rustic-themed weddings so we expect to see quite a few naked cakes when the magnificent barn at the Blosser House Country Inn begins hosting weddings. But before you tell your baker you want to go naked … with your cake, that is … here are a few things to keep in mind.


  • Just like any wedding cake, the more skilled the baker, the better the results. A naked cake in unskilled hands will come out looking amateurish and unfinished. You don’t want your guests to wonder if your baker ran out of icing.
  • Because wedding cakes are typically baked a couple of days in advance, a cake that doesn’t have the protection of frosting may dry out. You may want to ask your baker to apply a crumb coat – a light skim coating of frosting that will seal the moisture into the cake. If you prefer an absolutely naked cake layer, find a baker who is willing to wait to bake and construct the cake until the day before the wedding.
  • Don’t overdress your naked cake. The beauty of this style is in its simplicity, so weighing it down with a lot of fussy decorations can detract from its inherent elegance. The vivid colors of fresh fruit and flowers often make for a more dramatic display on a naked cake than sugar decorations.
  • Do express your personal tastes. The bride and groom can create a naked cake that is completely original, choosing layers of their favorite flavors and embellishing them with tasteful (and tasty!) decorations that reflect the colors and theme of their special day.
  • Mixing different flavors of cake is OK, and even encouraged, but make sure the flavors complement each other. A professional baker can help you navigate the sometimes tricky territory of flavor pairings.
  • Plan ahead. Just because this style appears simpler doesn’t mean you can forego planning. The staff at the Blosser House Country Inn can work with you or your baker to find the right look, the best flavors, and the ideal size to accommodate your guest list. They can help you envision the cake of your dreams ⸺ one that will wow you and your guests in all its naked glory.