For the casual household gardener, succulents are a sure cure for a brown thumb, so it’s not surprising to see these hardy, interesting plants gaining and maintaining popularity at local garden centers. What may surprise you, though, is their emergence on the wedding scene.

Succulent is actually an umbrella term that covers 25 plant families that each includes varieties galore. The one thing all succulents have in common is their ability to store water, so they won’t wilt or droop, even after a full day of ceremony, photographs and celebration. Succulents come in an amazing array of colors, sizes and leaf configurations, and brides are embracing them for their versatility, durability, and uniqueness.

Succulents can go anywhere a more traditional floral choice can go, including the bride’s bouquet! In fact, with the varied shades of plants available, a talented floral designer can create a succulent bouquet to suit just about any color scheme. The plants can be used in concert with more traditional flower options, or hold their own in a gorgeous, all-succulent arrangement.

Corsages? Yes, there are succulents for that! Boutonnieres? You bet. And what’s more, after the ceremony is over, those pin-on decorations can be deconstructed and the succulents planted as lasting reminders of the joyous occasion.

Of course, succulents also serve beautifully as table decorations that add natural warmth to the reception ambiance.

Even if you choose to go a more traditional route with your flowers, you may want to consider succulents as take-home favors for your guests. Take the heart-shaped hoya, for instance. Is there a more perfect symbol of your everlasting love than that sweet little plant?  

Succulents are easy to plant and maintain. To replant your wedding succulents, just place them in a container filled with potting mix. Be sure your container drains well because although succulents need water, they don’t want a lot of it and don’t like wet roots. Most succulents prefer abundant sunshine.

For most brides, a wedding bouquet becomes a memory to be enjoyed only in photographs, but for the bride who opts to use succulents, the bouquet can become a thriving daily reminder of one of the happiest days of her life.